With Teeth: I’d Missed This Excellent Feature of Facebook’s “Listen” Function

I was using Facebook earlier and realised something I’m not sure has been widely mentioned before now. As well as adding a “Listen” button to Fan Pages, Facebook further extends this when you browse the page whilst listening to music via Spotify (or, presumably other streaming services).

For example, here is one of my band’s pages, browsed with no music playing via my Spotify desktop app:

As you can see, the info there is standard: the top post is the bookmarked one by the band, and on the right you simply see which of your Facebook friends also like the band.

Now let’s look at the same view when I am playing any music in Spotify:

As you can see, it is now placing a Spotify box above the band’s bookmarked post, and is also showing me not just which friends listened, but which tracks they have played the most.

Nice work Facebook!

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