Latest Digital Music Trends podcast now up

I’ve guested on a few episodes of Andrea Leonelli‘s excellent Digital Music Trends podcast this year, and each time I find myself having great fun but also coming away with food for thought, based on things my fellow guests have said. This latest installment though was fantastic in that respect: Andrea, Eliot from and Steve Knopper (fanboy note: I’m a HUGE fan of his book “Appetite For Self-Destruction” and recommend you all read it!) all posited some really interesting ideas and between us it felt like some great conversation was happening.

The podcast is available both on Soundcloud and YouTube, so if you can, park an hour of your time and take a listen/watch. Honestly, I came away buzzing with thoughts and ideas and I hope you will too.

Also, a hat-tip to Eliot at Evolver for posting about my comments regarding younger fans Liking but promptly unfollowing bands on Facebook; the point being that they do it to look cool among peers even if they don’t actually like the band.

BTW – apologies for looking awful on that video clip (well, more awful than usual). There’s no great excuse: I’d had an epic night out the day before and then spend half the night awake with a poorly son. So, I’d had about 3hrs sleep when this was filmed – and MY GOD it shows!

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