New Soundcloud seeing massive growth in fan numbers

Late last year Soundcloud finally made their “Next” iteration live for all. Among the various feature improvements was a more Twitter-like following setup, wherein it was made much easier to follow artists on there. Something else I really liked was the Repost function, akin to retweeting, where you could repost someone else’s track or set to your own followers. For labels, this is a godsend: it means you can post a track to the artist’s account, but repost it to your own followers. Similarly global licensees can do the same.

What I’ve really noticed though is just how much Next Soundcloud has led to a surge in follower numbers – and in some cases how drastic those numbers are when compared to other social networks. Don’t believe me? Check out the rate at which SBTRKT gained new fans when the new version of Soundcloud went live (click for larger version of the image – graphs taken from MusicMetric):

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 12.17.52

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