A fresh start for 2021…

King Tubby at the controls

I have felt for a while now that it was possibly time to restart blogging; something (on a personal level) I’ve not done since around 2014 or thereabouts.

So, whilst the old blog content remains (and makes for an interesting read all these years later where industry commentary is concerned!), the blog has now moved to a new domain with a new design too.

Why “Every Spoil Is A Style”? The name is the title of a chapter from one of my favourite books: Michael E. Veal’s Dub: Soundscapes and Shattered Songs in Jamaican Reggae. It was a phrase used to describe dub, and it massively resonated with me as someone who prefers the imperfection in things in general. From every mistake, every mis-step, potentially comes something new and wondrous. It also speaks to the contrarian in me, loving as I do to swim in the opposite direction to the masses in a bid to find the next opportunity or space to establish something.

With that in mind, returning to writing in 2021 seems somehow right. It’s an itch that needs scratching, and for me re-establishing the old WordPress-powered blog rather than whichever trendy platform is in vogue right now also feels satisfying. I built a company on pushing artists to empower themselves as much as possible, and so now I’m just adhering to that same philosophy.

I am aware that for some people, visiting a website is something they might plan to do, but often forget about. So, add your email to the Subscribe box and you will receive new articles straight to your inbox as soon as they’re live.


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