Hello, I’m Darren.

I founded and run Motive Unknown, a marketing agency in the music space. We’ve been around since 2011 and our clients through the years have covered anyone from alt-J to Run The Jewels to the Spice Girls to Moby. We work with labels like Warp, Domino, Partisan, Dirty Hit… it’s a long list. During Covid we also branched out to take on “music adjacent” clients, including the likes of Beatport, Boiler Room, Sonos and Rhodes, among others. 

I also co-own Positive Subversion, a business aimed at providing project management to artist management companies and labels on the music space. Clients there include Killing Moon, Seeker Music, Innovative Leisure and more. 

As if the above isn’t enough, I also write the Motive Unknown Digest 3x a week. It’s an industry newsletter that goes out to a few thousand people, and it’s free to receive. You can sign up here

When I’m not working, I’m usually making music, gardening or generally just chilling out with a book or film. Follow me on Twitter here.

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