Sound Collection: So much potential – but missing one vital feature

This morning I spotted this Evolver post about Sound Collection, a new iOS app with an impressive spec. The app aims to round up ALL of your music on your mobile – that is, your iTunes library plus (where applicable) your Spotify and/or Rdio libraries too. Once it has done this, the app then shows you all other releases by the artists in your collection, and by geo-locating you shows which of those artists are playing near you soon. It also has a timeline section, which shows you forthcoming releases by artists in your library, along with an option to add those release dates into your calendar.

Simple eh? Awesome featureset! But there’s just one thing lacking: the means to play the music itself. That’s right: whilst the app catalogues your libraries, it doesn’t actually let you access them to play the music itself. Which, in my opinion, is a major shortfall.

This got me thinking though: why aren’t more apps looking to try and achieve this kind of objective. Songkick, in particular, is one app that could do this incredibly well. Spotify have one caveat around using their API: any mobile app doing so must be free. Whilst Sound Collection is currently free, its usual price is $3. That would mean it could not offer Spotify integration – though I *think* Rdio would be possible.

The Songkick app is free. So, in theory at least, it could integrate my music libraries. Doing so would make it your go-to app, surely. It would make for a perfect integration. In fact, if you melded the Sound Collection app functions with the Songkick one and added Spotify & Rdio integration, you might just have the finest music app on iOS.

So how about it guys?

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